St. James JNAC Report 2017

Please read the full report from the link: St. James JNAC REPORT 2017 Final Approved


The Joint Search Committee (JSC) is now in place and is in the process of starting the search for St James new minister.  A job description has been written and we are now advertising the position.  We are one of 5 churches in this area alone going through this process.  So in order to spread the need as far as we can we are including the job posting in our bulletin for everyone to see and share. We invite all members of St James to make recommendations to the committee and to feel free to talk to others about our needs here.  Please see job description below for contact information and where the  JNAC report can be found.

St. James United Church Waterdown, Ontario is looking for a full-time Minister from the Ordered Ministry to join our ministerial team.

We expect the successful candidate to have the following key gifts & strengths:

  • Creates a spirit filled, nurturing worship experience, (traditional & contemporary)
  • Successful experience delivering Contemporary/Café Style worship service
  • An enthusiastic team player with infectious charisma
  • A flexible, partnership style
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Embracing leadership/staff co-ordination abilities

Given that St. James will continue to have both Contemporary and Traditional services and that no one Minister can be all things to everyone:  the Minister will need to surround him or herself with a strong team of volunteers who will complement the Minister’s strengths and support them as St. James serves and supports Waterdown and communities beyond.

Applications to be forwarded to St. James JSC at

Deadline for applications is September 30, 2017.


We currently also need people to serve in the area of “set up”of for our Cafe Service. This involves coming early to set up the tables and chairs to sit at for our cafe style worship service. If you can help serve in this way please sign up at office or email