Minister’s Desk

Blessings to you.

We live in a world that seems to be pulling apart these days. Politics is becoming more divisive as we focus more on the ideologies that divide us rather than the humanity that unites us. Hatred, bigotry and prejudice are on the rise, especially in North America and Europe. More than ever we need the loving, unifying message of Jesus Christ. But, sadly, even some of those who profess to follow Jesus base their practices on a judgemental reading of scripture. This means that some people feel excluded and pushed away from the church. Some even feel that the church is no longer a safe place for them to inquire about deeper spiritual matters.

Here at St. James we believe that, through the example of Jesus, we are called to recognize that all people are equally disconnected from God and in need of God’s loving grace. None of us is any better or any worse than any other. Here you will be welcomed with a deeply inclusive love, regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, or anything else that threatens to divide us as God’s people. “We have our hope set on the living God, who is the Saviour of ALL people.” (1 Tim. 4:10 NRSV, emphasis added)